Current Research Projects

  • Fuel dynamics following restoration thinning and wildfire in secondary redwood forests
  • Restoration of Baker Cypress forests following repeated wildfire
  • Fuel dynamics following high severity wildfire in the Klamath Mountains
  • Longevity of prescribed fire effectiveness in mixed-evergreen forests of Klamath Mountains
  • Stand level factors affecting secondary redwood forests following wildfire

Past Research Projects

  • Mitigating legacy tree mortality following prescribed fire in the Klamath Mountains
  • Facultative serotiny, a mechanism for post-fire regeneration in non-serotinous conifers
  • Effects of Douglas-fir encroachment on live and dead fuel moisture in an Oregon white oak woodland
  • Effectiveness of variable density thinning and prescribed fire for promoting resistance to drought-induced bark beetle-caused tree mortality
  • Long-term vegetation response to mechanical mastication in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area
  • Potential impacts of biomass harvesting treatments on fuel hazard and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Litter flammability of American chestnut and associate species
  • Longer-term effectiveness of prescribed fire in different seasons to promote sugar pine resilience in the Sierra Nevada
  • Post-fire regeneration and fuel loading in Baker cypress of northern California
  • Old-growth sugar pine resiliency and mortality in a fire-excluded mixed-conifer forest
  • Post-fire tree mortality model validation
  • Fire history in redwood forests of Lower Prairie Creek
  • Long-term fuel responses to thinning treatments in a young redwood forest